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Wii Fit Cycling

Wii Fit was a massive craze way back in 2008, a craze I was not a part of. As a teenager, I didn’t see much appeal in Wii Fit and was busy playing some of the other classic games of the Wii. Like Rayman Raving Rabbids. Recently, with everyone finding themselves stuck inside with not that much to do, the Wii Fit has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity. As such, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to write about it. In particular, I’ll be writing about the cycling game. The cycling game allows you to freely ride around the island without restriction, so it’s a unique game in the collection.

I finally started getting back into my long-neglected Wii around a year ago. Although the Wii is infamous for the amount of shovelware games, there’s a ton of great games as well. After playing a few different games, I decided it was finally time to check out the Wii Fit, so I purchased my first balance board along with Wii Fit Plus early 2019. Although it isn’t particularly great at getting you in shape, it does have a lot of fun and unique games included.

Wii Fit Plus is a collection of guided workouts, stretches, exercises and games. All the games take place in various locations on an island. One game among these that really stood out to me was the cycling. In this game you walk in place on the balance board to “pedal” and steer with the Wii remote. The game gives you a huge amount of freedom and you can explore the entire island on your bike.

When you first play the cycling course, only the beginner course is available. The goal is to hit a series of checkpoint flags whilst taking the shortest route (in terms of distance) possible. Once you have hit all the checkpoint flags, you must return to the starting point to finalise your distance. You unlock new courses as you go and the higher level course you play, the more of the island opens up. The final checkpoint course is the expert course, which allows you to cycle around the whole island.

You get ranked based on distance covered and get a rating between 1 and 4 stars. The 4 star goals are far from easy and require some extremely careful routing. Infact, they’re so tricky I’ve only been able to hit 4 stars on the beginner course. Back when the game was actually popular, there was quite a lot of discussion on how to get the shortest route possible and even a leaderboard. I’ll list some more interesting links I’ve found at the end of this post.

The final course of the cycling game is the “Free Course”. You’re given half an hour to cycle around the island wherever you like with total freedom. It’s a really great reward for beating the expert course. Hidden in the free course are 20 beach balls to pop, which means you still have an optional goal. It took me several play throughs to find all the balls. There is no reward for all the balls, but you can try and beat your best time which gets you planning out routes and it can be good fun.

There is one final reward, and it seems to be very scarcely documented. I found it on a random personal blog where someone was discussing tips and tricks. The mini-map of the island is covered in dark patches to indicate where you have and haven’t explored. Once you cycle over a part of the map, the dark patch disappears. If you uncover all the dark squares on the map, the next time you start the game you will be rewarded with a new bike! This bike performs quite a bit better and I immediately shaved 5 minutes off my best time for finding the beach balls using it.

There’s something about the setting of this game that I really like and it keeps me coming back. The island is bright and sunny, green grass is everywhere and many Miis are running around, all happy to see you and waving. You can also add your pets to the game, and they will meet you during the course and follow you around. I’m often joined by the Wii versions of my cats in-game. There’s a wide variety of environments available to explore; a beach, a town centre, caves and tunnels, a huge waterfall, a high up rope bridge. On dark winter evenings, it really helps you forget how cold and miserable it is outside.

Sorry for no photos in this post, I have no way of capturing images off my TV.


  1. Etan

    Great post! Love my wii fit cycling 🙂

  2. Milyn King

    I love my Wii Fit Plus cycling and I also have the mountain bike. I really appreciate the various ways of feeling successful while exercising in this game. I have four stars in all biking events (and most other events) because I find the strategy required to map the course and save points with wheelies and straight line work very addictive. I am 68. This game really helps balance, cognition, multitasking, as well as muscle function and endurance. I will never be without my Wii!

  3. Carol

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one still grinding on this beloved 2009 tech :).

    I just took it up again after a long haitus, happy now to have my Apple Watch recording steps as I go (it’s good motivation).

    I don’t remember the cool new bike – but I do remember it being VERY hard to get all of the squares lit up. What are some of the hardest ones? Any tips for this fatter, older Mii? 🙂

    • Eatkin

      I actually haven’t played any Wwii fit in a long time now. Still got my Wii set up in the living room though.

      I only found reference to the BMX bike in one really old blog! Once you’ve completed the expert course I think you get the free cycle, so you get 30 minutes to go around wherever you like. I remember the long stretch of beach being the last bits I got, the bike goes soooo slowly on the sand.

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