If you recently purchased the itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality, you’ll probably be like me – completely confounded by the number of games you now own. I’ve picked out a few interesteing looking games to try out, starting with Thing-in-Itself.

Thing-in-Itself is a short interactive story by Party for Introverts that explores a concept from Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and guides you through a short narrative.

As a concept, the thing-in-itself is an object that exists independent of observation. The game introduces this concept by offering it as a possible explanation for why some people enjoy certain music and other people cannot stand it.

You experience the game as Ted, who is in a relationship with Molly. After spending the night together, you control Ted as he tidies his room in preparation for Molly visiting. As you clear up, he offers up a few thoughts on the items he picks up.

There are a few dialogue choices scattered throughout the game, but the main narrative remains the same with some alternative dialogue.

Your best friend

The game plays through Ted and Molly’s relationship and explores how they both view their relationship. Every item in Ted’s room is labelled, and as the narrative progresses, the labels for the items change to signify how Ted views them. He also has a nice goldfish named Henry, who is prominent throughout the game.

The whole experience takes around 10-15 minutes and has very little gameplay, but the game is designed to be interactive fiction to explore a few philosophical themes rather than to be ‘a game’. Overall, it’s a worthwhile experience.