Available on: itch io | Newgrounds | Gamejolt

Tennis Tower is a dungeon crawler about scaling a tower and collecting treasures along the way.

It was made as a collab between myself and Adrien Dittrick using the process of “gamedev tennis”. One dev added a floor to the tower and a treasure, then sent it to the other person to add a floor and a treasure, and so on for 25 rounds.

Key Features

  • Tennis-based dungeon crawling
  • New mechanics added on every floor
  • Wide variety of treasures including a tennis racket, the ball of infinite tennis and a lawnmower
  • No-treasure mode (hard mode) and randomiser included

Key information

  • About half an hour of dungeon crawling fun
  • Free to play in-browser
  • Downloadable for Windows and Linux

Screenshots & Videos

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