TelusFax is a small teletext simulator and puzzle game by Richard Sherriff.


If you don’t know what Teletext is, it was a service created in the UK in the early 70s. It was a sort of digital magazine; you chose a page and could read the news, look at TV listings, read letters and reviews and it was all available through your TV.

I was a little bit too old to explore Teletext. Teletext just seemed like a weird, ugly looking and worse version of the internet. I am a little nostalgic for those mysterious and gross-looking 4-colour pages though, and sadly Telefax is no longer available.

There’s a few snapshots of Teletext pages you can find on Youtube from archivists if you’re interested in seeing some footage. Some interesting unlisted pages have also been found through scouring Teletext data. The most interesting of which is an attempt to get Worms working on Teletext. Here’s a blog about it from the developers.

TelusFax lets you read shocking news stories


TelusFax is a faithful representation of Teletext in the form of a puzzle game. Your task is to find the names of TV show presenters based on a short description of who the presenter is. By looking through the various pages of “TelusFax”, you will spot people’s names and things associated with the clues given.

You’ll also get to read little snapshots of news, reviews and letters. There’s some really nicely styled pages, such as the weather map, which shows a colour-coded map of the UK.

Once you think you’ve found the TV presenters name, you can type it in and if you’re correct, it’ll be highlighted green. The puzzles are well thought out and very satisfying to solve.

TelusFax is a joy to play, and for only £1 you too can enjoy it!