You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything on this website for quite a while.

That’s because my plans have been chopping and changing quite a lot over the past few months. I’ve been planning on a big website overhaul at some point in future but just haven’t done it yet.

Here’s a quick update on how everything’s going (I’m not actually sure this website has any regular readers, but just incase).

On the game development front:

I haven’t really been making games anymore because I basically stopped enejoying the process.

I was working on a hand-drawn Silent Bill remake, but I soon began to procrastinate working on it and eventually just decided to stop because it had become a chore.


I haven’t been writing any blogs either because I started working on a short eBook which was going to be called “Weird Old Games Nobody Really Cares About Anymore”, which would be a compilation of reviews and interesting things about obscure old game.

Whilst working on it I kept thinking “this would be so much better in video format”. And so that brings me to my next point.


I’ve wanted to make videos for ages. Like years. But I have some social-anxiety related issues that made me reluctant to record and have to listen to my own voice.

Well I decided I can feel like that forever or I can get over it now, so I did! So I’m now producing video content about games on my new Youtube Channel: Classic Ed. I have a ton of ideas written down and some plans for long-running video series’ so that will be my main focus for now.

The website:

I’m not sure when I’m going to overhaul the website, but it is a bit of an inconsistent mess, so I do want to give it a good tidy up eventually™ to better reflect what I’m doing now and to be more focussed.

Thanks for reading anyway.