Remember Mary is a game I made in around 9 days for the “I can’t write but I want to tell a story” game jam. The focus of the jam was to make a narrative based game in 17 days, with a particular focus on people who don’t usually write stories or make story-driven games (like me!).

Remember Mary is a short, surreal adventure game where your choices change the narrative and the endings. It features a young girl who visits her friends and can choose to either help them, or hinder them. There are 3 endings to see and over 600 unique lines of dialogue.

There is a lot of information about my influences and the thoughts behind the game available on the itch page, although it contains spoilers so I highly recommend playing the game first.

If you want to read more about the design of the game, I’ve written a blog post on some of thought behind it.

The source code is available on Github.

Additional Credits

  • Mark Mauer – music, sound design and testing
  • Tommy van Son – suggested the game’s title and help with testing
  • Benjamin Fearn – help with ideas and testing