Available on: Voxpop | Itch io | Newgrounds | Gamejolt

Platforms: HTML5 | Windows | Linux

Remember Mary is a narrative-driven surrealist adventure game. It follows Mary, a young girl in a world filled with her friends who she can help or hurt. Presented in squigglevision. I made it in about 9 days for the “I can’t write but want to tell a story” jam.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Gamepad compatible
  • Mouse only mode, no keyboard required!
  • Three different endings depending on your choices
  • Over 600 lines of unique dialogue, with the narrative changing depending on what actions you take and in what order you take those actions
  • Requires 7+ playthroughs to encounter all possible dialogue

Additional Credits

  • Mark Mauer – music, sound design and testing
  • Tommy van Son – suggested the game’s title and help with testing
  • Benjamin Fearn – help with ideas and testing

Other Links

If you want to read more about the design of the game, I’ve written a blog post on some of thought behind it.

Source code is available on Github.