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If you recently purchased the itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality, you’ll probably be like me – completely confounded by the number of games you now own. I’ve picked out a few interesteing looking games to try out, starting with Thing-in-Itself.

Thing-in-Itself is a short interactive story by Party for Introverts that explores a concept from Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and guides you through a short narrative.

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Theme Park | Old Theme Park Sims

Theme Park is a Theme Park management/business sim from way back in 1994 made by Bullfrog Productions. It was very popular at the time and a lot of people have good memories of it, myself included. It has had a few ports, including Playstation and Nintendo DS, versions but this post will be about the original DOS version.

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Psychonauts is a 3d platformer originally released in 2005. You play as Razsputin, a boy who runs away from the circus to join a summer camp for children gifted with psychic abilities. In the game, you get to enter and explore various people’s minds in order to train Raz’s psychic abilities. Later on in the game, you will help characters overcome their traumatic memories and fears.

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Wii Fit Cycling

Wii Fit was a massive craze way back in 2008, a craze I was not a part of. As a teenager, I didn’t see much appeal in Wii Fit and was busy playing some of the other classic games of the Wii. Like Rayman Raving Rabbids. Recently, with everyone finding themselves stuck inside with not that much to do, the Wii Fit has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity. As such, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to write about it. In particular, I’ll be writing about the cycling game. The cycling game allows you to freely ride around the island without restriction, so it’s a unique game in the collection.

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Devlog: Other Minds, April 2020

I wanted to start writing devlogs to be able to track how much progress I make; as I’ve said before, sometimes it feels like I’m making no progress at all but when I look back, I’m surprised by how much I’ve done. Well you can colour me surprised, because it turns out I only released an updated demo 15 days ago and I’ve done loads of cool stuff since then!

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“my very good game”: Making a Horrible Game for Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam #2

This weekend I set out to make a really bad game for Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam #2. Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam is a hugely popular Game Jam that has literally broken itch.io before from the amount of uploads it generated. Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam is a parody of this, where instead of making awesome games with a theme, we set out to make something really awful. Annoying unskippable cutscenes, weird confusing level design, horrible sound design; anything goes here.

If you’re reading this before the 3rd May 2020, you can still join the jam and make your own really bad game! Join the jam on itch.io.

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