I now have a test version of Other Minds out and am looking for people to play test and give me feedback (if they want to!). Note: this build has since been removed

Here I have a full list of changes since the last version.

The short version is:

  • 31 levels (previously 8)
  • 2 boss fights (previously 1)
  • Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Attract mode
  • Unlockable time trials

Planned Changes

  • Some music does not currently loop properly – this will be fixed!
  • Menu UI changes; the pause menu currently has a main box and a side menu that pops up. I’m going to move the side menu to the bottom and I’m also going to change the inventory to a list rather than a grid.
    This means the controls will change too – you will be able to swap menu tabs with the left and right buttons, rather than the kind of weird control scheme I have at the moment.
  • The colour for a highlighted inventory box is too similar to unselected in certain palettes, so I’ll change that along with the rest of the UI overhaul
  • Time Trial leaderboard for user submitted times will be viewable. There are no top times at the moment so you could literally take 10 minutes and be on the leaderboard!
    This is subject to interest, if no-one sends me any times then I probably won’t bother.
    If interest permits, I would be able to have a live leaderboard and record player inputs which will allow you to view replays of the best times

New Features

  • You can now leave the house and explore the Overworld
  • Big Slime and other characters will show up at the house as you explore
  • Dialogue is all tracked and saved so it will only say “NEW!” when there’s actually new dialogue
  • New song in EdSpace
  • Attract mode (don’t press anything for 10 seconds on main menu)
  • Added a secret tutorial that you might never find
  • Added randomly occurring events
  • Helpful sign posts to try get you through the early game; also they explode after you talk to them
  • New main character in the house who you can explore the house with and talk to the cats
  • A new character who offers out hints for some of the more difficult puzzles

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed save game bug where incorrect associated level data might have been loaded
  • Fixed another save game bug where inventory would be loaded incorrectly

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where game crashes when you press enter on language select screen or credits (pressing enter on the language select screen now selects a language)
  • Fixed a bug where the game crashes if you try and open the map on the credits
  • Sage can no longer warp through the boss barrier
  • Fixed bug where mirrors show reflections above the ceiling (this is actually the second time I’ve fixed it, but it’s fixed for real this time!)
  • Corrected cellar key description – it’s description was previously ‘Cellar Key’
  • Fixed drum track in spare room starting at full volume regardless of settings
  • Fixed drum track over-riding music being turned off
  • Muting sounds mutes all sounds, for real this time (I hope)
  • Fixed bug with pushable objects playing their pushing sound forever in very specific circumstances that probably nobody ever encountered
  • Fixed cutscene letting you spawn multiple Sages if you press the ‘Play as Sage’ button
  • A bug where you can get hit whilst simultaneously attacking an enemy has been fixed – it prioritises you hitting the enemy!
  • Fixed a bug where notification appeared as ‘undefined’ when you exit to menu with a notification open
  • Fixed a bug where the jump button did not respond if pressed on the first frame of certain state changes
  • Fixed a bug where characters that can jump on Ed’s head can only do it whilst moving downwards
  • Fixed a bug where Ed’s health can turn negative and then he instantly dies as soon as he enters a new room (I tried to fix this two times already but it’s actually fixed now)
  • You can no longer load future versions of the game which may result in the game crashing (which you wouldn’t think would be a problem huh)
  • Conservation of momentum on moving platforms was bugged. Now completely removed because once fixed, the controls felt terrible
  • Fixed game crashing on transition when transitions are turned off
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by audio emitters never being destroyed
  • Fixed Ed’s running animation being 1 pixel too low
  • Fixed a bug with ledge grab animations; if you faced away from a ledge on the same frame you grab it, the animation would not update
  • Ledge grabs will ‘pull’ you to ledges from around 2 pixels away
  • You no longer move into spring state when hitting a spring from underneath
  • Trying to jump from a ledge on the same frame you grab it no longer eats your jump input
  • You can no longer change direction while petting animals
  • Camera no longer jerks weirdly when talking to someone in a level with the camera zoomed in

Gameplay Changes

  • Return to Ed now has its own button
  • Red Gloops nerfed so their decision making is much slower
  • Jim Signman’s follow range is reduced so he’s less annoying
  • Jim Signman no longer aligns to a grid which also prevents him moving into ‘party hard’ state
  • Spawn probability of hearts is increased
  • Current location icon added to the guide
  • Various surfaces in Ed’s house are now semisolid so you can stand on them
  • When you bonk your head on the ceiling the game tries to shift you around blocks
  • Dr Death no longer “deactivates” when off camera
  • Dr Death is a little bit smarter and presses the lower button even when a platform is in the way
  • Dream diary shows images of locations now
  • Sleeping in the bed tells you you’ve been healed now so it’s not weird and confusing
  • Faster gloops can now fall from a greater height without splattering on the floor
  • There is now a hint to remind you to check the map when you collect your first orb

Graphical Changes

  • Game now loads in the second largest possible window scale (as long as a config file hasn’t already been created, i.e. as long as this is your first time playing)
  • Changing the window scale will centre the game window to the current display, rather than defaulting to the first display (NEEDS TESTING; I don’t have a second display) – (doesn’t work on Linux – this is a Gamemaker Studio 2 bug and has been reported)
  • EdSpace background is ever so slightly lighter and some EdSpace levels feature a Gloop statue
  • Changed the colour of the buttons that you hold down to red
  • Speech bubbles for unread dialogue have been changed to say “NEW!” instead of just being green
  • Palette swaps for all UI elements

Other Minor Improvements

  • Credits can be skipped by holding down enter/start button
  • Game will try and guess what gamepad you’re using (should be able to detect Playstation and Nintendo Pro gamepads)
  • Arbitrary text change – “Use Sage” is now “Play as Sage”
  • Analog inputs now work better for variable running speeds (they only registered 0.4-1 and now register full range)
  • Enemies no longer respawn off camera when camera is zoomed in

Cheat codes

If you actually bothered to read this full post, here’s the cheat codes. Enter any of the following as your name for the desired effect:

  • “DEBUG” – the game will enable debug commands (probably back up your save games before you mess around too much with this, you can wipe data quite easily)
  • “FATMODE” – main characters are extra wide
  • “MOONWALK” – all character sprites are mirrored
  • “MIKAPYON” – every string of text in the entire game is replaced with “MikaPyon” (seriously, all of it. Including menus.)