I’ve recently published a new update for Other Minds up on itch.io. Prior to this version, I was uploading the game “as is”, so you played through all the levels in order. I’ve decided to do something a little different this time and given the player a level select so they can choose from a selection of levels.

I’ve finally added a series of tutorial levels to this demo. I had a fair few people who struggled with getting started in the game and felt overwhelmed. The tutorial levels try and solve this by presenting one problem at a time. For example, there’s a room in which you run over a button and the button triggers some toggle blocks to block your path. You have to press the button again to turn them off, so you learn what the green buttons do. I also disable the “play as Sage” function until it is needed.

Tutorial Town

This is the main change I’ve made since my previous devlog. Other than that, the game now checks for updates and notifies you if one is available. I’ve also added an end screen which gives you a few options, such as giving feedback or joining the new community Discord.

The demo will probably continue in this format, with the selection of levels changing as I make more progress with the rest of the game. For now, I’m going to try and spend extra time on planning and I’m going to actually play some games instead of just making them!

The level select screen

I’ve decided to no longer support MacOS. I’m not registered as an Apple Developer, so there were extra steps involved for getting the Mac build actually running and most people just ran into problems with it. I used to be a Mac user exclusively, and I know it’s really annoying not to be supported, so I apologise for that. I can still make Mac builds on request, but I’m no longer going to have them available for public download and as I say, it will not work “out of the box”.