Available on: Voxpop | Itch io

Take control of (N)PCs, enemies and bosses and use them to solve puzzles in a retro platforming adventure!

Other Minds is a pixel art style game where you play as Ed and Sage. Ed is your human who you can use for your standard platforming action, whereas Sage can fly around freely and take control of any other character.

You will take advantage of the other character’s abilities to solve puzzles, beat levels and uncover the nefarious plot of Dr Death. Ed and Sage must save the world because everybody else is too busy standing around thinking about things.

Key Features:

  • 4 hours+ of classic platforming action with puzzles, collectibles and tough bosses
  • Use Sage, a floating green consciousness, to possess and take control of basically anything that moves
  • Loads of secrets and collectibles which are used to unlock time trials and rhythm levels

Key information:

  • Available for Windows and Linux for $8.00
  • 6 worlds to explore
  • 4 hours+ gameplay
  • Open source
  • Project first started on 5th May 2019
  • Released 30th November 2020
  • Mostly made by one person

Current Status/Future Plans

The game currently features a core gameplay loop and an ending which ties everything up, so despite a few loose ends and the story not being complete, this can be considered a full game.

If I get some good interest, I would like to pick it up again and continue the story. It was originally planned to be a much larger game, and I never got chance to explore all areas of the back-story that I wanted to.

So expect some sort of major updates to the game if I ever decide to come back to it and please let me know if you like it and you want more!


  • Programming, art and basically everything else by Edward Atkin (@EAtkin)
  • Music by Richard Kerry (@RichardAKerry)
  • Sound design and additional music by Mark Mauer (@JustWallGames)
  • Testing and moral support by many, many people! Thank you!


Screenshots/Other Media

100% Longplay of Other Minds on Youtube

Click here to download all images as a .zip!