Take control of (N)PCs, enemies and bosses and use them to solve puzzles in a retro platforming adventure!

Other Minds is a pixel art style game where you play as Ed and Sage. Ed is your human who you can use for your standard platforming action, whereas Sage can fly around freely and take control of any other character.

You will take advantage of the other character’s abilities to solve puzzles, beat levels and uncover the nefarious plot of Dr Death. Ed and Sage must save the world because everybody else is too busy standing around thinking about things.

For the collect-a-thon lovers, there are hidden orbs to collect and secret levels containing LaserDiscs to find. These unlock bonus time trials and rhythm levels to give the completionists some bonus content.

I have a demo released which showcases a few of the levels you will find in the final game. There’s plenty of secrets to find, a boss to fight, a challenge level where you have to beat the target time and a tricky rhythm level to get through!

Current Status

The game is currently released as an early demo with a selection of sample gameplay.

Other Minds is prospectively going to have it’s (free!) beta release around December 2020. This will feature several hours of gameplay, a large selection of bonus levels and six areas to explore, including three bosses to fight.

Several improvements are in the works; level re-designs for some of the levels made early in development, new menus and a heavier focus on a storyline with more character interactions.

Gameplay Reel

Note: this accompanies the very first release of the game, there have since been numerous updates


Have engaging conversations with slimes
Several playable cats to befriend
Fight a giant bee who wields a bee cannon
Get into other minds to find secret areas
Explore cheerful death rooms

Additional Credits and Links

The soundtrack is composed by Richard Kerry and sound design is by Mark Mauer. Volume one of the soundtrack is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp or for streaming on Spotify.

You can find a demo build of the game on itch.io for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

If you’d like to follow my progress, you can follow me on Twitter @eatkin. If you’d just like to see posts about major updates to the game you can follow @OtherMindsGame.

If you’d like to follow Richard Kerry’s work you can find him on Twitter @RichardAKerry and if you’d like to follow Mark Mauer’s work you can find him on Twitter @JustWallGames or visit his itch.io page to play his games.