Full Games

A Relaxing Typing Game is is a chill typing game for people who like typing for the sake of typing.

Ball Dude Adventures is a jpeg-ified brick-breaking game made for Game Breaker’s Toolkit #5

Ben Was Assimilated is a grid-based and turn-based hacky, slashy RPG featuring assimilation.

Carrot Hell is a side-scrolling survival bullet hell with carrots and extreme metal.

Justin Wall’s Cooking Simulator is a light ARG game in 5 parts. Cook dinner for your entire family and solve ruthless puzzles.

my very good game is a game made for Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam #2. It’s a 2d platformer with precise collisions and input lag and it is not actually very good.

Other Minds is a puzzle platformer where you can play as basically anything that moves. Get inside other minds to take control of (N)PCs, enemies and bosses and use them to solve puzzles in a retro platforming adventure.

Remember Mary is a game made for “I can’t write but want to tell a story” jam. It is a narrative-driven surreal adventure game with meaningful choices and multiple endings, presented in a roughly drawn squigglevision style.

Silent Bill is a game made for “I can’t draw but want to make a game (again)” jam. It’s an escape room point and click horror game where you must escape from the evil ducks holding you captive.

Stoner Stevie in Asstown is a game made for Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam #3. The goal of this jam is to make a really bad game, so I made a really bad game about collecting drugs. Features broken control, needlessly long walls of text, too many sounds playing at once and extremely ironic drug references.

Tennis Tower is a collab made with Adrien Dittrick. We used the “Gamedev Tennis” process which involves sending the game to each other over and over, adding a new mechanic and floor to the tower each time. We came up with a tennis-based dungeon crawler with a variety of chaotic mechanics which range from multiplying zombies to mowing lawns.

Trash Cat is a collab made with JustWall Games. It was made for the Pompous Trash Game Jam and features shallow gameplay, a story so metaphorical it’s barely comprehendible, weird 1-bit graphics and a soundtrack that hardly anyone will want to listen to.

Bitsy Games

Monotony – a story about how life can sometimes be boring and repetitive.

Beer – a story about how beer can take over your life.

Impostor – a poem about Impostor Syndrome

It’s Not Easy Being Green is a game made for the Bitsy Goblins Jam. It’s a short story following Edgar the Goblin on an evening out.

Trapped Inside My Own Head is a commentary on sense of self, the paradox of caring about others and how nobody is important, life is pointless and we’ll all be forgotten. Made for Bitsy Essay Jam

Prototypes, works in progress, etc

Bad Control Game was a little draft I made for Gamemaker’s Toolkit Jam 2020 with the theme “Out of Control”. It’s a very short game where you don’t control the character how you normally would in a side-scrolling game.

Cat In Space is a game I made for CatJam to fit the themes “Sci-fi” and “The end is from the start” – Cat must collect crystals, which makes the world more hostile. Made in GB Studio – play in browser or download the Gameboy ROM!

Other Contributions

Other people’s games I’ve contributed to in some way.

Fall Guys But Someone Else Made it in 1 Hour and I Just Changed Some Things Which Probably Made it Worse is a Fall Guys parody. It’s actually a mod of a Fall Guys parody. Adrien Dittrick had just released “Fall Guys But I Only Had 1 Hour”, meanwhile I’d joined Low Effort Jam #2 and didn’t have a game. I decided to make a mod as my entry, so in this version you have to be the last guy standing while 50-150 other guys chaotically run around you.

Digging Day is a cute farming simulator game by JustWall Games where you grow and sell fruits and vegetables, then buy buildings and equipment with your profits. I worked on implementing Gamepad support.

Terrene is an open world space exploration/mining game where you have to harvest DNA as the planet gradually becomes more hostile. It was made as a collaboration between Albatross Wirehead and JustWall Games. I contributed the function for the mining tool visuals and some support on world saving optimisations.

Collab Fever Dream is an RPG which is made up of user-contributed assets, giving it a wide and contrasting style of art and music. I submitted a collection of .midi files I produced when I was first getting into composing (between ages 12-14).