Game Breaker’s Tool Kit Jam #2 submissions are now closed and the ratings period is open for another day or so. The goal of this Game Jam was to make a really bad, ugly and frustrating game. It was honestly difficult getting through all the submitted games, but I managed to play every one of them!

According to the jam outline, ratings are based on frustration, unfairness, confusion, uncanny valley, ear destruction, bugs (features) and microtransactions (no real microtransactions are allowed, just parodies).

In this post I will write a summary of each game!

If I Were President One Day – The Trailer, by jiajiechen:

In this game you play the role of the US president whilst the USA is under attack. The game shows a map of the USA as a plane flies back and forth. Terrible music plays in the background. You cannot do anything.

TbgEm (The Best Game Ever Made), by Electrodev:

In this game, you play as a smiley face ball thing. You have to fight a giant mouth or whatever it is. Turrets shoot homing bullets at you constantly and your character autoshoots farts (they’re green clouds, so I will assume they are farts) at the giant mouth thing. You can also destroy the homing bullets with your farts. When the boss is low on health, he goes absolutely crazy bouncing around the screen at hyper speed. I actually quite enjoyed this game and I got to level 3 before I threw in the towel (it’s unreasonably difficult). It also has a horrible cacophony for a soundtrack and dreadful sound design. When you close the game, it asks you to upgrade from Gamemaker Lite.

Bounce Me, by lemonz-418:

You have to help bounce a ball in this game. For some reason the ball always bounces to the left when you click it. There’s a green square and it looks like you can hit it with the ball, but I couldn’t. I thought that was it, but it turns out you can also bounce the ball to the right using a right click. The physics are very weird and broken. A very short music loop plays in the background, which isn’t terrible, but very quickly becomes grating when you hear it over and over.

Stickman Dating Simulator, by GoldenBonnie09:

Click stickmen to win their hearts! That’s about it as far as I can tell, you click stickman and they say “Ooh La La”. You have to click the outline of the stickman, because they have precise collisions. A horrifyingly distorted and crackly song plays in the background. Once you click a stickman 100 times they ask you for money.

my very good game, by me!:

I made this, you can read about it here if for some reason you actually want to.

Grandpa’s Mansion Adventure !, by GarlicLimePenguin

A weirdly chopped up and distorted stock image of cascading money shows with a bunch of credit cards over the top. The music from Hong Kong 97 plays in the background. So apparently you have to type “credit card” to start the game, as in hold down ‘c’, ‘r’, ‘e’, ‘d’, ‘i’, ‘t’ and ‘a’ simultaneously. My keyboard won’t accept that many inputs at once so I couldn’t even play it. The description of this game is something to behold, here’s a excerpt: “Absolute fucking shit mega shit diahreea grandpa na dpick up delivery androids meet at bar for .”.

Gone Wrong, by AnshumanGameDesign:

A terribly drawn trap platformer. Collisions are precise and extremely janky, random obstacles just appear out of nowhere with no warning. There is an arrow pointing left at the start of the game; if you follow the directions and go left you just die. You can still move the character after dying.

Sicind, by Rafabinda

In this game you have to save the world in 1 second! To win, you must drag a shield over the Earth or else a missile will blow it up and the game will call you a loser. Level 2 is probably impossible. Some ridiculous midi-style music plays in the background. I don’t know why, but I found this game particularly funny.

Moon Dude, by Lazy Brain Games

I think the developer forgot to read the criteria for the game jam. This game is actually good; there’s functional options, it teaches you to play the game properly, the sound design is nice and the gameplay is fun. In this game you drive a car and have to shoot aliens. You equip different chips to use which give you certain weapons or powerups. Each chip uses a certain amount of ammo and you gain more ammo by shooting the aliens. Scores badly for jam criteria, but that means the game is actually good!

There’s a Tunnel at the End of the Light, by Crabman

You click the mouse repeatedly to get a white circle to grow. After almost 1000 clicks the game restarts. There’s a bunch of achievements to unlock but I only did a few of them

quickspeed square, by IsThisStatic

This game looks absolutely horrible and random static noises play in the background. The left and right keys are backwards for some reason, so I immediately fell off a cliff by pressing right. When you fall off a cliff the game closes. After a certain amount of time the game closes regardless of if you die or not. If you fall down a hole for long enough the background turns bright green.

Bread 4 Children, by Nomisio

A badly drawn MS-Paint style game where you launch bread out of your bread cannon at children. The children spawn infinitely. Bread spawns every frame you hold the mouse button down. The children make weird noises. I wanted to know what happens when you run out of bread, so I spent considerably longer on this game than any sane person ever would. It wasn’t worth it.

Run Game, by vladivanovsky

Press “Run Game”, the game will load and it says “Run Game”.

Sputnik Launcher, by Caique Assis

This is one of the worst ones on here, I couldn’t even finish it. There’s two games included with this one. The gameplay is awful and intentionally impossible and the cutscenes are looooong and unskippable. Seriously, I spent most of the cutscenes writing this and they were still going on. I made it through Sputnik 1, but Sputnik 2 ramped everything bad about it up to the next level. Bonus points for including sound effects from Space Cadet 3D Pinball though.

The Sky Is Lava, by adriendittrick

A biblical game with some of the worst control you will ever experience. I actually downloaded the source so I could skip through the game because it’s so frustrating. After a while you sort of get used to the control and get better at it, but it’s still a truly terrible experience. It also features millions of typos, loads of unfair deaths (e.g. jump too high, drop too low in the level) and plenty more! There’s also procedurally generated music, a.k.a. notes play at a random pitch; it’s quite mesmerising.

Green Boi, by SuperGamersGames

Another trap platformer; this one actually looks and sounds quite nice! It’s really hard though, I died over and over until I gave up. Truly a frustrating experience.

a ralely cool game, by Educated Child Games

Otherwise known as “hohohoheeheeheehahaha”. This one is a visual novel. It has some great a’capella music (seriously, this is worth downloading just for that – the music is hilarious). You get to make some choices, but the main character thought I made bad choices every time and did the opposite of what I asked them to do. Eventually I got stuck in the bedroom, I think the game locked up for some reason.

Blokszman, by Azsimuth

I don’t know what the hell this game is supposed to be. Took me a long time to work out the controls – S and F to move left and right, i.e. standard WASD controls shifted one key over. A tshirt falls from the sky and says something completely incomprehensible, then you have to fight an enemy. You run away from the enemy, because you can’t fight them for some reason, then you have to buy the $10 key to continue the game (note: no actual money used). No matter what I clicked, the game restarted. Some strange noises play in the background.

Terrible Dungeon, by Jasium

A short lived dungeon crawler with lootboxes! This is a winner in the “microtransactions” category for me; you can purchase lootboxes to get some bonus items. Unfortunately every time you end up with some completely useless item such as chewed gum or a scrap of paper. The game’s art is blurry and ugly. The gameplay itself is not interesting, you just attack enemies who never attack back, and once you get to the boss; the Skeleton King, you can never beat him because he infinitely regenerates his health.

Garry the Wizard 2: An Unexpected Sequal, by Mouse123

A terrible FPS game. Your eardrums are assaulted by the game repeatedly saying “step noise” in a distorted voice whenever you move, you’re attacked endlessly by skeletons which are just 2d planes that look like they’re drawn in MS Paint. Occasionally an advert will block the whole screen whilst you’re playing and your ear drums will be assaulted even more. This one was really funny to play.

Murder Zone ii

You open lootboxes by smashing your mouse button into oblivion whilst a terrible acapella rendition of “All I Want for Christmas” plays in the background. Eventually the game throws a fake blue screen error.

Wall of Text

You blast letters in a wall of text. If you blast the letters, you can’t read the wall of text, so I don’t know what it said. The letter E shoots a bullet back at you when they get blasted. I played this for far longer than I’m willing to admit, but not quite long enough to finish it. Bizarrely addictive.

mno’s Multi-Play Minigame Mega Pack (Trial Version), by Nikki Bee

This is the most confusing game out of the bunch, what the hell is going on? Left, right, up and down are all jumbled up. Pressing random keys just does random things. It’s supposed to be a “minigame” collection, but I can’t even work out how to play. The description says it has “adaptive key presses”, so basically you have to press random keys until the game does what it’s supposed to do. Truly an awful game and with a uniquely horrible art style.


After a very long intro sequence where some squeaky clarinet plays and a camera flies around an array of buildings along with a very large tape dispenser, you find yourself in a meeting with a mostly-naked T-Posing man. There’s various ways you can die here, such as jumping out the window, walking into the man, nodding too much or not nodding. You have to listen to some distorted garbled audio (which I couldn’t even make out, apart from “thank you for coming to my TED talk”) and every time there is a pause, you are supposed to press N to nod. I got quite far into this sequence and then died because I nodded too much. An intensely frustrating experience to play.

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