Fuchsia is a surreal point and click game, and the first game developed by indie developer duo Hambug Games. It appears to take place in the void of space. Throughout the game, the protagonist will slowly piece together where they are, why they’re there and what on earth is going on.

The game starts out with a classic situation – a protagonist who wakes up in an unfamiliar situation. You find yourself washed up on a beach with a message in a bottle in your inventory. After a short tutorial to show you the ropes, you will set forth to work out what’s going on and solve some puzzles.

Every screen is presented as an isometric slab of landscape floating in space. It mixes realistic textures for surfaces, such as floors and walls, with a more roughly drawn ‘MS Paint’ style art for characters, items and cutscenes.

In classic point and click style, the game involves searching for objects and working out how they work together or how you use them with other objects in the world.

The puzzles are intuitive and make sense, but they’re not too obvious to make them uninteresting. I did resort to the walkthrough on a few occasions; that usually resulted in me realising I just hadn’t paid enough attention to the surroundings. You can ask your character to tell you about things in your inventory, which often offers some good clues.

The game itself is split into three chapters, with the world subtly changing for each chapter, so you get to experience the world in a slightly different way each time.

Each chapter builds the story up towards the ending of the game. There’s a good narrative which doesn’t take itself too seriously, with the protagonist often cracking jokes and making puns.

Once you’ve reached the third chapter, you’ll get a cutscene which allows a lot of pieces to fall into place and it’s a great moment of realisation. After that, there’s a final puzzle, then you’re treated to a wonderfully surreal final cutscene to see you off.

It’s a short game, but well worth your time to play if you enjoy point and click adventures!