Initially made for Ludum Dare 48 this game most likely went unnoticed by a lot of the people reading this.

Drag or die… Your choice.

The first thing you will noticed about this game is the unique movement system of dragging your sorry body around. You’ve been infected with a parasite and unfortunately you’ve also been partially devoured. If you don’t drag your way out of this situation while injecting yourself with what I am dubbing “fix me juice” then you will die. Full stop. However if you have the guts, or are okay with the lack there of, then you need to play this.

The game doesn’t bog you down with a stamina system or anything like that. You can drag your miraculous self around the place as fast as you want. To some it might seem a bit too much but the mobility is for good reason, you just don’t know it yet.

Awe it’s so cute, when are you due?

Initially the game appears to be a puzzle solver but eventually you get a different idea of what it could be in the way they use firearms. A lot of games at this point have normalized firearms in survival horror for obvious reasons so to do something even remotely new with the formula it takes a lot. Endoparasitic has a really cool solution that not only feels good from a player perspective but serves to add a ton of tension to what would normally be a lackluster situation.

Pray you are quick on the reloads…

The simple change of having to manually load and unload your weapon in a too smooth to complain about fashion greatly changes the feel of your interactions. How good are you at reloading the gun? If you are a reload master you can lay waste with those skills. The enemy is coming closer and you can’t move while reloading, good luck. It was something that I found extremely effective in it’s purpose.


The game is extremely short but I would love to see something come out of this idea. At the very least we can feel good at the end of the day knowing that there is a developer out there who is thinking about styles like this. Despite the years and years of gaming development just leave it to the indie community to create unique experiences. I have never spoken to the developer of this game but I hope this project has a special place with them because I had a blast dragging my sorry strong independent self around.

You can play the game for yourself here!
You can also catch the Developer on twitter here!