Digging Day is a farming sim made by JustWall Games. It’s set in a small farm full of overgrown weeds and abandoned buildings, but with a fully functional vegetable plot to start growing produce in.

It’s drawn in a cute pixel art style where everything is slightly wonky, which adds a great deal of charm to the game. To really get you to feel the farming life, it has great ambient background sounds playing which is accompanied by a great soundtrack!

I recommend playing the soundtrack in the background whilst reading this post: Bandcamp

When the game starts, you wake up in your house and set out to begin clearing your farm of weeds. Whilst clearing the weeds, you’ll find they occassionally drop either seeds or green gems. Your seeds are used to grow produce and green gems are one of the two currencies in the game.

The produce plot

Now you’ve got some seeds, you can get planting! Plants grow in your plot and must be kept watered to yield fresh produce. Once your produce has grown and you’ve collected it, you’re ready to clear the weeds out the way to get to the produce tables and put your vegetables up for sale. Selling produce is one of the ways you get the second currency in the game, the blue gems.

You’ll find yourself constantly busy keeping your plot planted, wandering around collecting seeds and harvesting produce. And let’s not forget your cat and dog you have on the farm – if you keep them fed and watered, they’ll reward you with blue gems. You can also purchase additional animals, fruit trees and set up bee hives!

Initially a sensible goal seems to be to clear all the weeds. Once this is done, the game starts to branch out a bit and you need to employ a bit of strategy to maximise your profits, but you also need to ensure you balance your profits between blue and green gems. As green gems come from harvesting produce, which you’ll be doing constantly, they come much more abundantly than blue gems at first. Repairing your additional produce tables to sell your wares is a great place to start getting a better income.

At the produce stands

After this you may try save up to fix the pumping station to keep crops watered and reduce your labour, or you can open up a store or restaurant to start selling more of your wares. You can also purchase labour-saving player upgrades, such as increasing stamina or seed spawn rates. There really is so much you can do in this game. I’d personally recommend saving up for the store so you can maximise your blue gem income, then start upgrading player stats.

Although you’ll be constantly busy looking after your crops, this game makes a great background game. You can leave it alone and your plants will grow and your produce will sell while you’re not actively playing. I’ve had it running all the while I’ve been writing this!

Digging Day is available for free on itch.io with a recommended donation of $3.99.

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