I’ve been saying for months that I’m ‘almost’ finished with Other Minds; almost finished with the Beta Version at least. I’m starting to realise what people mean when they say that the last 10% of the game takes 90% of the work (or some variation on that).

In big news; the game has an ending! Sort of – there is now an ending you can access only by 100% completing the game. I have my doubts anybody will ever see it, but I’m happy with it, so that’s the important thing! I’ve also finished every level I have planned except for one final one which I’m currently procrastinating over making.

New Music

I’ve had some new music made from my bud JustWall again. He’s helped me on a few projects before, most notably he wrote the soundtrack to Remember Mary (which I absolutely love, by the way). He’s once again come up with some great tunes.

New Levels

I’ve remade the entire first area of the game. I talked about this in my last devlog, but the old levels left a lot to be desired. I now have some brand new levels which are much more focused, smaller and less confusing and I’m happy with them.

I haven’t totally removed the earlier levels, they’re now accessible in a “museum” area which requires 100% completion to access. They’re completely optional, with the usual collectibles being replaced by “Useless Collectibles”, which of course, are useless.

The Museum area featuring a new tileset

What’s Left

All that remains (besides the one level I still need to make) is some menus and UI – I’m planning a full overhaul of this, so that involves scrapping all the old (and admittedly horribly janky) code and starting again. Last time, menus took me around a month of development. I’m hoping to finish in a little less time this time.

Other Minds has become quite a monstrosity and keeping track of everything has become difficult, so there’s bound to be mistakes in dialogue or item descriptions and other very minor things like that. The game also has slightly different physics depending on difficulty, so it needs playtesting on all difficulties.

I’ve also left in a few loose ends which I won’t get chance to tie up. I will note these on release.


And finally I will talk about what I’m going to do after the beta release. I’ve been trying to decide whether I want to continue working on this game after this release or not. Well, I’m probably not going to work on it anymore.

There’s a few issues; one being that development has been a huge learning process. A lot of old code is bad, inefficient and now difficult to maintain. The other problem is that not enough people play it. It’s hard to keep motivated on a project which has taken over 18 months when hardly anybody plays it.

That’s not to say I’ll definitely never work on the game again. I might come back and decide it’s time to finish off the story and tie up those loose ends. But for now I’m planning to spend some time away.

The final area

Other Things

I currently have other things I’d like to work on and other hobbies I’d like to have some time to spend on. I’d love to get back into composing music or spend some more time learning instruments. I’d also like to try get a little better at drawing. I dedicate so much time to game dev it’s hard to focus on things like this.

I also have a typing game which is so very close to completion, but I’ve ignored it for a while now. I think it’ll be time to finally finish that game off.

Once the game is released, I’ll probably put the code up on Github and attach a licence for non-commercial use of the assets. I have potential plans for a blog series called something like “How Does Other Minds Work?”, where I talk about how the game is coded. This might also encourage me to do some refactoring and make the project less hellish.

For now, I’ll be getting to work on those menus!