Throughout June, I’ve been focusing more on other projects so Other Minds has been ignored a little bit. I made two games throughout the month; Silent Bill and Ben Was Assimilated. I have got a little done with making some new levels and adding additional mechanics, but it’s been a bit of a slow month otherwise.

Working on other projects has had a bit of an unfortunate consequence for me. It’s left me feeling very unmotivated to continue with Other Minds. Since completing a couple of small scope projects, finishing something so large and ambitious suddenly feels a lot more daunting. I’m pushing through for now, but I’ll talk about a few prospective future plans at the end of this post.

Onto what I have actually done this month: I’ve added a gravity flip mechanic. This was a surprising amount of work as a lot of movement code had to be revised. It seems to be working basically perfectly now and it’s a really fun mechanic to play with.

The gravity flipping is the basis of the new set of levels I’m working on. There’s yellow slime enemies who invert the gravity when they see you and you must take them out to revert the gravity back to normal. This means my levels have to work travelling forwards, backwards and upsidedown. Designing levels with this in mind has been a lot of fun.

It’s the game except it’s upsidedown

Onto some future plans – I want to get the game into a state where there’s a good gameplay loop and a natural end for an early access/beta release. Getting the game into this state would involve:
-A little bit of ‘story’ work to link up the game into a continuous flow
-Finishing off my current set of levels and adding in a new boss fight
-Adding an additional time trial level
-Adding in some bonus levels that’re accessible by collecting all orbs of a certain colour so players get a little reward for the orbs

Once that’s all done, I will probably be putting the project “on hold”. That isn’t to say the project will be abandoned, I still have plenty of good ideas and I’d love to see this finished one day, however I’ve worked on this project almost every day for 13 months now, and I think a break where it isn’t constantly in the back of my mind will do me some good.