I wanted to start writing devlogs to be able to track how much progress I make; as I’ve said before, sometimes it feels like I’m making no progress at all but when I look back, I’m surprised by how much I’ve done. Well you can colour me surprised, because it turns out I only released an updated demo 15 days ago and I’ve done loads of cool stuff since then!

Side note from real life: the business I work for has found itself not really having many customers since the Covid-19 stuff happened, so I’m out of work until further developments. This means I suddenly have a lot of time to dedicate to game development etc. I’ve been filling my time working on Other Minds and trying to pick up some new skills by learning C++ and Python (learncpp.com is a godsent by the way, if you want to learn C++ I highly recommend using it).

I was also getting a lot of writing done for the blog, but I somewhat ran out of steam and also ran out of games I wanted to play and write about, so that’s slowed down since!

Final note; I participated in my first game jam. I’ve always been put off these because I don’t like time restrictions and associated stress, but I figured now was the best time to do it and it was honestly great fun! It might well be something I do again in future.

Back to the game development side of things: from a long time ago (December), I’ve been planning on having you make some story progress by meeting a couple of key characters; Dr Death and New Deal. From the demo way back then, you had a couple of items added to your to do list; clean the snakes out the ventilation systems for Dr Death and meet up with New Deal for undisclosed reasons. Well I’m mostly done with both those events now! In only two weeks!

Falling rhythmically

My new levels are located in the surprisingly complex and spacious ventilation systems of the office block. The offices sure look a lot smaller from the outside. I had tons of fun making these levels, each of the three that I made have a single mechanic added and then they are all combined later on for a finale sort of level. (Spoilers) the finale level is a rhythm-based level where obstacles etc move in time with the music and it’s turning out to be very cool (if I do say so myself).

In other, less interesting news, I added a second character to the house, which is also something I’ve been planning on doing for months. She can move between rooms, but is restricted to the house as she refuses to leave the cats at home alone. Her ability is to talk to cats, so if you go have a chat with them they fill you in on a few optional story elements. This setup gives me a little scope for having other playable (main) characters at other points in the game if I wanted to.

New playable main character
Also I finally fixed the mirrors so they work as expected!

In even less interesting news, I re-did most of the pause menu. Previously, I had additional details crammed into a small, thin menu on the right hand side. I’ve changed this so the details now show at the bottom of the pause menu. This is a job I’ve been putting off for ages because the pause menu code is 3500 lines of pure programming hell, so thankfully it is done now!

I’m hoping by next month I can start making new plans for where to take the game in future. I made the amateur error of having a wildly ambitious scope to start out with, and I’m now trying to trim it down to a manageable level!