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TelusFax – A Teletext Simulator

TelusFax is a small teletext simulator and puzzle game by Richard Sherriff.


If you don’t know what Teletext is, it was a service created in the UK in the early 70s. It was a sort of digital magazine; you chose a page and could read the news, look at TV listings, read letters and reviews and it was all available through your TV.

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Medievil and the Medievil Remake

Medievil is an ancient PS1 game about a hapless skeleton called Daniel Fortesque. There was also a sequel, (predictably) called Medievil 2. More recently, the original game was made from the ground up for the Playstation 4. I happen to have played all three of these games and they’re really very good so I’d like to talk about them.

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Malice is a relatively obscure game. I picked it up on the PS2 for £2.50 (delivery included). It’s about a Goddess called Malice who wields comically over-sized weapons and has to battle against the Dog God. There’s also a bunch of crows who shoot you for some reason.

This game went through a very difficult development cycle with long delays, cancellation and then eventual revival. I remember being very young, constantly browsing the latest Game Trailers to see what awesome games were coming out and being captivated by this game. It looked amazing and to be fair, looking back at the trailer, it still looks pretty damn cool.

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Fuchsia is a surreal point and click game, and the first game developed by indie developer duo Hambug Games. It appears to take place in the void of space. Throughout the game, the protagonist will slowly piece together where they are, why they’re there and what on earth is going on.

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Theme Park World | Old Theme Park Sims

Theme Park World (aka Sim Theme Park) was released in 1999 as the sequel to Bullfrog’s Theme Park. It was the 4th game in Bullfrog’s series of games about construction and management. The game brings the original Theme Park up to date, and it does an amazing job of it! It’s presented in 3d and a lot of the financial management stuff that I didn’t like about the original game is gone, with the focus moved much more towards construction.

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Nepenthe is a narrative driven RPG drawn entirely in crayons. It was part of the bundle for racial justice and equality. Whilst browsing hundreds upon hundreds of games in the bundle, this one caught my eye because of the unique art style so I decided to give it a go.

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If you recently purchased the bundle for racial justice and equality, you’ll probably be like me – completely confounded by the number of games you now own. I’ve picked out a few interesteing looking games to try out, starting with Thing-in-Itself.

Thing-in-Itself is a short interactive story by Party for Introverts that explores a concept from Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and guides you through a short narrative.

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