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Seiklus is a 2003 ambient collect-a-thon style platformer by clysm. You play as a little white man who explores a few themed areas and collects floating whisps. It’s a game where you cannot die and nothing wants to hurt you so you’re free to explore the world at your own pace.

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BinaryGrab is an Asteroids clone mashed up with a hacking game by Pirate Games.

On the surface this is just a nicely presented asteroids clone. You boot up your OS and are given a Terminal interface to log in. Once logged in you can start your job at the data mining company, Binary Grab. To mine data, you shoot asteroids with your ship, the asteroids drop data and you deposit the data at the data bank. All the time your shift time is ticking down. You have to get 3000 bits of data before your shift ends or you will be terminated (from your job, that is).

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The Keymaster

The Keymaster is a game by Adrien Dittrick made for the 2019 Gamemaker Tool Kit game jam. This game jam had the theme of “only one”. The Keymaster explores this idea by having the player explore a vast dungeon with many locks, but those locks are all opened with a single key. To exit a room, you must unlock a lock, so the player must keep the key with them if they are to move between rooms.

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Digging Day

Digging Day is a farming sim made by JustWall Games. It’s set in a small farm full of overgrown weeds and abandoned buildings, but with a fully functional vegetable plot to start growing produce in.

It’s drawn in a cute pixel art style where everything is slightly wonky, which adds a great deal of charm to the game. To really get you to feel the farming life, it has great ambient background sounds playing which is accompanied by a great soundtrack!

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