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In-game Event Management with Binary Operators

When you’re working on a game, you might want to store whether in game events have occurred or not. For example; we may have a game where at some point a building is blown up. When we leave the room and come back, the building will reset to it’s un-blown up state unless we save variables.

I have, in the past, used an array to store different events. This always felt quite clunky to me and might require a lengthy array that’s difficult to keep track of. In this post I’ll explore how I use binary operators to allow me to store the status of many events by saving just one number.

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Building to Linux with a virtual machine

This post will cover setting up a Ubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox which you can use to build Linux versions of your Gamemaker Studio 2 games. You only have to set up your Virtual Machine once and after that’s done, it takes less than 5 minutes to build a Linux version of your game. I have basically no idea what I’m doing and I managed to get this set up, so there really is no reason not to support Linux!

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