Bitsy is a browser-based tool for making simple little games where you can talk to people, pick up items and walk around.

I make various little stories, poems and monologues using it. You can find a collection of all of them on itch io by clicking here.

I have a sub-series of Bitsy games called “Falling To Bitsy” which is a small collection of life stories and odd little things I want to talk about.

Friends (Falling to Bitsy #4)

Friends is a 30 second game about growing up and drifting apart from your childhood friends.

Board Hunting

Board Hunting was something I did on GameFAQs in the early 00’s. It seems weird nowadays, but when the internet was still fairly young and there was little in the way of social media, it was a fun thing to do.

In this Bitsy, I endlessly ramble on about what it was like and what board hunting is. I also take a look at a snapshot of a board from 2004 from the Internet Archive. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to recover any messages, just topic titles.

Trapped Inside My Own Head

Trapped Inside My Own Head is a commentary on sense of self, the paradox of caring about others and how nobody is important, life is pointless and we’ll all be forgotten.

Made for the Bitsy Essay Jam.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green lets you experience life as a Goblin! Join Edgar the Goblin and his pals on an ordinary Goblin’s night out. You’ll find out life as a Goblin isn’t so easy.

Also hidden in the game is a super secret tile you can find!

Made for the Goblins Bitsy Jam.

Imposter (Falling to Bitsy #3)

Imposter is a short poem about impostor syndrome.

Beer (Falling to Bitsy #2)

Beer is a short interactive story about how alcohol can take over your life.

Monotony (Falling to Bitsy #1)

Monotony is a short story about how sometimes life can feel monotonous and like you aren’t going anywhere.