Ben Was Assimilated is a hack n slash style game where things only move when you do. Includes assimilation.

Available on: Voxpop | Itch io | Newgrounds | Gamejolt

Platforms: HTML5 | Windows | Linux | Raspberry Pi


  • Start hacking and slashing right away
  • Around half an hour of gameplay
  • No level grinding
  • Instant respawn if you die
  • Wide variety of enemies, monsters and innocent farm animals to kill
  • Wide variety of weapons and equipment to find
  • Includes a randomiser which randomises all weapon and equipment
  • Includes permadeath option just incase you enjoy playing games over from the start
  • Options to flip controls and for AZERTY keyboards

Additional Credits

  • Richard Kerry – Additional music and moral support
  • Ben Fearn – Concept design help and moral support
  • – graphics (link to asset pack)

Other References

Derbyshire dialect features prominently through the game. I based a lot of the dialogue on someone I know, but also used a couple of pages for ideas:

I found some really nice tools by Cedric Stoquer whilst making this game which I used for making sounds and music:

Source code is available on Github.