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I started making content online in 2005 but quickly found I liked making things in general. My current passion project is The Electric Mindset, a content hub where all my stuff can be found. One of the many things I like to create are these random write ups. Ed has been kind enough to let me post here and assist one of his passion projects.

Nice to meet you.

Endoparasitic, An Interesting Indie Game You Probably Missed.

Initially made for Ludum Dare 48 this game most likely went unnoticed by a lot of the people reading this.

Drag or die… Your choice.

The first thing you will noticed about this game is the unique movement system of dragging your sorry body around. You’ve been infected with a parasite and unfortunately you’ve also been partially devoured. If you don’t drag your way out of this situation while injecting yourself with what I am dubbing “fix me juice” then you will die. Full stop. However if you have the guts, or are okay with the lack there of, then you need to play this.

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Lone Fungus: An Indie Metroidvania You Don’t Want to Miss!

My New Favorite Mushroom

Lone Fungus first really grabbed my attention after I saw a post on Reddit and right from the get go I was curious. I quickly found out it had a demo and immediately hopped into it. The demo is a small piece of the developer’s vision for Lone Fungus, spanning the first area with some of the relics available as well as two bosses. Even with what’s available though there is so much to get excited about here. With only 4 days remaining on their Kickstarter (at time of writing) and Basti, the developer behind Lone Fungus, being so close to his goal I really wanted to try and raise awareness of my new favorite mushroom in gaming.


UPDATEThe game has successfully been funded! Congratulations to Basti!

So close my Mush Bud, so close!
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