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Commander Keen III: Keen Must Die!

Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die! is the third and final installment in the Invasion of the Vorticons series. In this game, Keen has a snow day, so he has chance to head over to Vorticon VI and “face the horrors of suburban life”. Suburban horrors aside, he must battle his way through the Vorticon army to finally meet the mysterious Grand Intellect. In the previous game, we found out that the Grand Intellect is controlling the Vorticons using mind belts and they aren’t evil killing machines after all. The game once again includes a story section with some nice details about Vorticon life; they live similar to us humans, but with anti gravity cars and teleporters and whatnot. It also talks about the Vorticons favourite game; a game similar to Jacks, except they play it with giant balls and giant Jacks. We’ll see that this game of Jacks plays a part in the actual gameplay.

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Other Minds April Demo Update

I’ve recently published a new update for Other Minds up on Prior to this version, I was uploading the game “as is”, so you played through all the levels in order. I’ve decided to do something a little different this time and given the player a level select so they can choose from a selection of levels.

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There Is Nothing There / There Was Something Here

This post will cover both There Is Nothing Here and its sequel: There Was Something There. These are both by Adrian Dittrick and were recommended by him as I was a big fan of Prep School Horrors, and these games exist in the same universe. I’ve written about Prep School Horrors before and it’s a game I really enjoyed and played a good few times, so I was keen to check these out as well.

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Other Minds April Update: Full Changelog

I now have a test version of Other Minds out and am looking for people to play test and give me feedback (if they want to!). Note: this build has since been removed

Here I have a full list of changes since the last version.

The short version is:

  • 31 levels (previously 8)
  • 2 boss fights (previously 1)
  • Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Attract mode
  • Unlockable time trials
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Myth Bearer

Myth Bearer a low res RPG-style game developed by JC Bailey. It features a large open world with simple combat mechanics and it creatively turns travelling around into a puzzle.

You start out the game locked in a cell. You can get your character to walk around and inspect or interact with things. Inspect by hovering the mouse over things and a tool tip will appear, telling you a little bit more information. You can interact with things by clicking on them when you are stood next to them. The game starts out with a little puzzle to teach you how to inspect and interact; you can’t leave through the door since you’re locked in, so you must find another way out.

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Commander Keen II: The Earth Explodes

In this episode of Commander Keen, Keen boards the looming Vorticon Mothership, which is getting ready to blow up the Earth! The Earth does not actually explode, as the title indicates. Regardless of whether the Earth explodes or not, Commander Keen Episode II: The Earth Explodes is a pretty cool name for a game. Keen actually has a tough decision to make here – if the Earth explodes, then he doesn’t have to go to school in the morning. He does the right thing though and decides that he should save the Earth. In this game, Keen explores the Vortican Mothership and has to destroy all the Tantalus Rays, whatever they are.

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RydenWood / RydenWood: Deeper Than Before

RydenWood is a little game released around Christmas 2019 by JustWall Games. It’s a simple RPG where you walk around a vast world, fight enemies and battle your way through dungeons. The overall goal is to beat all the dungeons, find some rare items and explore the world. In this post I’m doing a double feature where I’ll talk about both RydenWood and the new sequel; RydenWood: Deeper Than Before.

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Commander Keen I: Marooned on Mars

Commander Keen was a 1990 DOS platformer developed by id software. Id are a little bit more famous for making Doom than Commander Keen, but in the early 90s, Commander Keen was a pretty big deal. Keen was released as a shareware game; it came in three parts and the first part was free. The idea was that if you liked the game, you could order episodes II or III, or both. I wasn’t even born when the game was originally released, but my dad used to download lots of these shareware DOS games for me when I was very young and I have a huge amount of nostalgia for them.

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Retro Space Ball

Retro Space Ball is a mashup of a classic space shooter and pinball by Rik Oclon. It’s a pretty simple game where you control a spaceship which shoots a ball vertically upwards. In spite of it’s simplicity it has many creative ideas and it’s a lot tougher than it sounds!

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