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Medievil and the Medievil Remake

Medievil is an ancient PS1 game about a hapless skeleton called Daniel Fortesque. There was also a sequel, (predictably) called Medievil 2. More recently, the original game was made from the ground up for the Playstation 4. I happen to have played all three of these games and they’re really very good so I’d like to talk about them.

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Malice is a relatively obscure game. I picked it up on the PS2 for £2.50 (delivery included). It’s about a Goddess called Malice who wields comically over-sized weapons and has to battle against the Dog God. There’s also a bunch of crows who shoot you for some reason.

This game went through a very difficult development cycle with long delays, cancellation and then eventual revival. I remember being very young, constantly browsing the latest Game Trailers to see what awesome games were coming out and being captivated by this game. It looked amazing and to be fair, looking back at the trailer, it still looks pretty damn cool.

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Devlog: Other Minds, Mid-October 2020

I’ve been saying for months that I’m ‘almost’ finished with Other Minds; almost finished with the Beta Version at least. I’m starting to realise what people mean when they say that the last 10% of the game takes 90% of the work (or some variation on that).

In big news; the game has an ending! Sort of – there is now an ending you can access only by 100% completing the game. I have my doubts anybody will ever see it, but I’m happy with it, so that’s the important thing! I’ve also finished every level I have planned except for one final one which I’m currently procrastinating over making.

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Devlog; Other Minds, mid-September 2020

I haven’t written about this game in about three months, and that’s largely because I haven’t really been doing much with it. I’ve been busy working on other projects, which has helped me develop quite a lot of new skills I’m hoping to use to improve Other Minds.

I think a long break has done me some good as well. I felt like I was really going nowhere with the project and I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to continue it. I’ve been trying to push forward with a beta release regardless. After that I had planned to put the project on hold, most likely permanently.

I have since decided that there’s a few things I’d like to change before releasing a beta. Changing these things will probably make me feel better about the project as a whole and help me push forward to develop it some more in the future. In this post I’ll detail some things I think are lacking and what I’m going to do about them below.

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Fuchsia is a surreal point and click game, and the first game developed by indie developer duo Hambug Games. It appears to take place in the void of space. Throughout the game, the protagonist will slowly piece together where they are, why they’re there and what on earth is going on.

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Remember Mary; A squigglevision adventure game

Remember Mary is my latest game; made it for the “I can’t write but want to tell a story” jam. The jam lasted 17 days and is intended to offer a casual environment for people to produce a narrative driven game. This is a game genre I’ve never explored before since, like the jam says, I can’t write. Or at least, I wouldn’t have felt very comfortable making a story-heavy game without being prompted by this jam.

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