Welcome to the home page of Edward Atkin. I am an indie game developer (amongst other things) currently working on Other Minds, a pixel art style platformer game where you can possess characters and play as them.

I set up this website so I would have an outlet to talk about coding, cool games I’ve played and to post updates for my projects.

Background and Software

I have been using GameMaker since GameMaker 6 back in 2004. My projects then were far from impressive, but it gave me an amazing foundation in coding and game development which I have never forgotten. I had a long hiatus from game development (11 years!), but around 2018 I started reading Reddit’s game ideas subreddit and worked up enough inspiration to start getting into it again!

I do all the art work and coding for Other Minds. I also make small contributions to music and sound design, but I mostly have friends who help me with that. I use Aseprite to make pixel art and I use Logic Pro X for composition and sound design.


I started writing music because I wanted to write my own original songs to go with my games, I actually ended up so into composition that I pretty much stopped making games because I was spending so much time writing music. Unfortunately this met the same fate as my game development did, and I ended up having a long hiatus from that as well.


When I’m writing about games, I usually focus on retro games and indie games. I’ve always been a big fan of indie games because you can get some really fantastic games without having to spend a lot of money. I also like retro games for nostalgia, but also because I am around 7 years+ behind on gaming at all times.