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RydenWood / RydenWood: Deeper Than Before

RydenWood is a little game released around Christmas 2019 by JustWall Games. It’s a simple RPG where you walk around a vast world, fight enemies and battle your way through dungeons. The overall goal is to beat all the dungeons, find some rare items and explore the world. In this post I’m doing a double feature where I’ll talk about both RydenWood and the new sequel; RydenWood: Deeper Than Before.

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Commander Keen I: Marooned on Mars

Commander Keen was a 1990 DOS platformer developed by id software. Id are a little bit more famous for making Doom than Commander Keen, but in the early 90s, Commander Keen was a pretty big deal. Keen was released as a shareware game; it came in three parts and the first part was free. The idea was that if you liked the game, you could order episodes II or III, or both. I wasn’t even born when the game was originally released, but my dad used to download lots of these shareware DOS games for me when I was very young and I have a huge amount of nostalgia for them.

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Retro Space Ball

Retro Space Ball is a mashup of a classic space shooter and pinball by Rik Oclon. It’s a pretty simple game where you control a spaceship which shoots a ball vertically upwards. In spite of it’s simplicity it has many creative ideas and it’s a lot tougher than it sounds!

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In-game Event Management with Binary Operators

When you’re working on a game, you might want to store whether in game events have occurred or not. For example; we may have a game where at some point a building is blown up. When we leave the room and come back, the building will reset to it’s un-blown up state unless we save variables.

I have, in the past, used an array to store different events. This always felt quite clunky to me and might require a lengthy array that’s difficult to keep track of. In this post I’ll explore how I use binary operators to allow me to store the status of many events by saving just one number.

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Seiklus is a 2003 ambient collect-a-thon style platformer by clysm. You play as a little white man who explores a few themed areas and collects floating whisps. It’s a game where you cannot die and nothing wants to hurt you so you’re free to explore the world at your own pace.

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Tombi! (Tomba! in the US, for some reason) is a Playstation game released in 1997-1998. It follows a young boy with bright pink hair named Tombi, who spends his life carefully guarding his grandfather’s gold bracelet. The gold bracelet is, of course, stolen by an evil pig named Koma Pig and so Tombi must go on a wild adventure to recover the bracelet. It is unknown whether Tombi’s hair is naturally pink or if he dyes it.

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